Undermotivated and angry

I have good intentions, then I get annoyed, then undermotivated, then angry
Despondent can also feature, but right now I’m angry and I’m not entirely sure why
Which makes me angry… Oops!


The trouble with gloves 

With a fun lacked weekend of fence erecting ahead of us I thought some nice new sturdy gloves might be in order.

So I went to Homebase and found a leather/cotton mix for myself and then saw some sturdy water proof looking ones that I thought looked good for the Husband.

Buying a promotional stickered three pack of the water proof ones was the same price as buying one – so I bought the set of three.

Get them home, ask the Husband what he thinks and he says “great, but they contain nitrile” which means that he’s allergic to them!

Bother doesn’t really cover it! So he’s going to steal my gloves. 

Time flies 

Time moves strangely if you don’t watch it – for example it feels far shorter since I last posted here than the dates reveal is really the case.

Contrastingly I am currently stuck on a course with a dull tutor and primative fellow students – time is dragging a lot

However it has let me plan my to do list… Not sure that will help me pass the exam though 

Film: Brotherhood of the Wolf

I always thought brotherhood of the wolf made no sense in the middle – even if I watched the French language version.
It turns out the UK cut of the film lacks a 20 minute sub plot which would explain the weird jumping and the completely random announcement that “officially the beast was dead”

On the bright side there is now more space on the DVD shelf as there is no point keeping something this confusing!