The Breast a girl can get

It is summer and despite the lack of actual sunshine is my current geographical location there are a great many people dressing as if there is heat.

This is where it can get a bit awkward as some of the females have apparently not looked in a mirror or any reflective surface – specifically in terms of ensuring that their breasts have suitable and adequate support.


I am aware that bad days can happen to anyone, from bad hair days to bad shirt days, bad mood days and so on. But bad bra days are tricky – not only must the poor lady in question be very very uncomfortable but a truly ill-fitting bra can ruin any outfit, is instantly noticed by most people and, in the worst instances, is REALLY hard to forget once seen.

The other extreme is, of course, not wearing a bra when too well-endowed to get away without. This grabs the eye in the same way and is even harder to forget; an otherwise lovely lady who I know is currently etched on my brain after she free-style bounce around the workplace in a most painful looking manner.

I am all for being supportive of people; however sometimes an individual has to provide their own support!

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an appropriate way of suggesting a better bra without hurting someone’s feelings, so this season I will be getting a lot of practise as keeping quiet and trying not to stare!

The silver lining is that I have now triple checked my own undergarments and am feeling comfortable that the levels of support will ensure that my assets aren’t going to attract the wrong sort of attention!

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