Boink – aka cat body language part 1

On my parent’s road when I was very young there was a manky old cat with one eye, he was very friendly and used to approach anyone. Unfortunately he liked to rub the empty eye socket side up against people – which is very off-putting if you don’t know any better!

Now that I do know better the cat was sharing feline pheromones using the scent glands on his face – aka marking his territory!


It could have been far worse as it turns out that some cats like to share pheromones by bonking heads (also known as boink, bonk or bunt). To those that don’t know this is bumping someone with the front part of the cat’s head and tends to be a sign of affection in addition to marking – I am not proud that the thought of this with a looming empty eye socket freaks me out!

A two eyed happy, healthy and non-manky cat boink sounds really sweet until you encounter a cat which has been known to boink so hard that your teeth rattle, such as G

However G now has me trained so that I notice if I don’t get boinked on a daily basis and find myself worrying that I’ve offended him. Who knew that the sensation of a furry Glasgow kiss could be addictive?

The picture came from Ian Lind’s page and he seems to have a regular Friday cat posting (technology permitting!).

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