How to promote a film

There are many ways to promote a film, the trend of late is to flood potential-audiences with adverts across a variety of mediums; from posters on buses, plastering Yahoo’s login page with annoying expanding banners, Happy Meal toys, Facebook games that ‘friends’ insist on spamming their high-score onto your newsfeed.

The list is endless and at least some of these do more harm than good…

However sometimes a film does all of these things and yet still has some quirky tricks which set it above the rest of the box office fodder. ‘Despicable Me’, both the original and the sequel, certainly has a way of attracting attention.

From Blimps

Despicable_Me Blimp

To balloons

Minion hot air balloon

Very cute kids books

sleepy kittens_

However the most effective advertising is the sort that money can’t buy!

dispic me nails

These are too cute to do anything except want to see more Minions!

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