Crafty pretty food

Kid’s birthdays are hard to cater for, it isn’t so much due to the children – give them enough e-numbers and they will be too wired to do anything but run around trashing the venue.

It is the parents who will poke, prod and judge anything served. The food needs to be healthy, fancy and look like you’ve spent hours on it.

crafty food 4

Fortunately one source of inspiration could be the great many crafty food things that other people have made and have ended up pictured on Pinterest.

crafty food 6 - cheese and hot dog

Alternatively, my sister-in-law has managed to sucker her mother into doing the donkey work and slaving over a hot stove for every passing whim.

The latest one is she was expected to cater a Christening – including a home-made four tier Noah’s Ark with 3D animals on sponge cake, however I have my doubts that this event will come to pass.

There are two reasons for this, the first is my sister-in-law is all mouth and no trousers; the second is the church has an attendance card with a stamp system accompanied by a policy which requires my sister-in-law to attend 6 times before the event. The event was due to be in a couple of weeks and the card is still blank!

crafty food 3

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