Textured nails – a nail too far?

Given ordinary nail polish tends to chip at the worst time, I have to wonder how well more ambitious nails last – for example textured nails.

The definition of textured nails is (logically) nails with anything other than a flat surface. So a more 3D effect similar to grit or little embellishments being added.

As always some people take it to the extremes where it just doesn’t look practical.


I have no context for why someone had this nail art – I must assume that it is either an entry into an extreme nail art competition or they lost a bet.

On a more manageable level – i.e. I can see someone being able to use their hands (mostly) despite having ambitious nail art:


I must admit that fake grass isn’t to my tastes – but it is a cute idea when done well. But what happens if you break one of the little people in half? Do you remove them entirely or leave their stumpy remains and hope that no one thinks you are some sort of serial killer?

Furry nails do just sound too much like effort – these also looks like someone clawed at the carpet after  getting superglue on their fingers… I don’t even want to ask what happens when the fur gets wet!


At the other end of the spectrum is something that is eye-catching, looks useable in real life and apparently uses craft sand!

Eeeeknailpolish make it look oh-so simple! And has a lovely guide on how to get this look!

craft sand

I am not usually an embellishments sort of girl but the pearls do add a nice break to the texture to the extent that I am really tempted to try this!

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