Book: ‘ Torment’ – because love is him repeatedly setting you on fire

I have a confession; I tried reading ‘Torment’ by Lauren Kate. I really really tried, mostly as I was interested to see what was going on with Cam and if he was a wettest Lucifer ever.

The major problem that I had struggled with on the previous book (‘Fallen’) was Luce didn’t know anything but it was her viewpoint the book was being told from, so as a reader it was annoying to have to wait for stuff to happen when Luce was totally oblivious to the fact that more might be going on that just two pretty boys apparently fighting over her.


However in ‘Torment’ Luce now know that Daniel isn’t telling her things and it is winding her up. She seems curiously unbothered by the revelation in the previous book that Daniel has repeatedly kissed her and then watched her catch fire and burn to death – by repeatedly I mean every 17 years for thousands of years. This isn’t creepy at all…

Luce gets whisked off and dumped at some remote location “for her own safety”. Daniel avoids giving straight answers about EVERYTHING, he flat out lies sometimes, he interrupts her increasingly as the book progresses – she can barely finish a sentence in some chapters, and he has some rather disturbing control-freak tendencies emerging at a rate of knots.

lady gaga

Everything about this relationship is sending up red flags and it is like watching Marky Mark in Fear , sure he looks pretty and sure he is promising you a happy ending but how well do you actually know him and his past?

I am aware that one of the joys of romantic novels, both young adult and adult, is the idea that love can be seen to conquer all; that not knowing someone at all isn’t a problem if there is love. I just get this horrible feeling that impressionable girls reading the Fallen Series will think that following a man blindly is what love is, that leaving your family because he says so is ok, that your man doesn’t have to answer your questions, let you finish a sentence or even treat you as an equal is ok.

So, having got sick and tired of Daniel’s $**t I instead found spoilers for the last two books – ‘Passion’ and ‘Rapture’.

SPOILER:  Lilith is evil, God is a woman (presumably to try to balance out Daniel’s sexist-pig tendencies) Luce was an Angel, Luce and Lucifer were lovers before she met Daniel. Then Daniel and Luce become human to live one last life together as mortals.

Which all seems a bit contrived and has left me with Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ stuck in my head.  On the plus side I now have two books to take back to the charity shop!

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