Revenge – where can season 3 go?

This may contain spoilers so if you haven’t seen all of Season 1 and 2 I wouldn’t advise reading on – unless you like spoilers!

The plot of ‘Revenge’ is fairly simple and apparently was partly inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo. Amanda Clarke’s father David was framed as a terrorist/money launderer/all-round white collar criminal when she was nine. She started to grow up in foster care – believing him to be guilty, and he was murdered in prison.

Amanda gets framed by a fellow foster child for a fire at their ‘home’ and is sent into juvenile detention.  When she gets out she is picked up by Nolan Ross who knew her father and who whole-heartedly believes him innocent. He also has a rather large sum of money for her – which is rather handy!


Amanda swaps identities with a fellow member of juvie – Emily Thorne, and sets off back to the Hamptons area of New York to see revenge on everyone who was responsible for what happened to her father – and to her of course. This is rather a lot of people including the Grayson’s who happen to live right next door!

Revenge is a soap opera so plots making sense is often optional. Half the appeal is wondering how to earth these people got into these situations and the strange way in which they will emerge – usually having learnt nothing from the experience!

The first season was fab, the second was less so, but there is still enough going on to mean I am counting down to the next season!  The trouble is I have rather lost track of what exact revenge was wanted by Emily.

In season 1 she makes a large number of people very unhappy – most of them could be argued to have deserved it (if you believe in that sort of thing!). This built up to a season finale where  Victoria Grayson boards a plane with evidence to take to a Washington DC trial which would have incriminated Conrad, the plane then blows up.

So you’d expect that from the start of season 2 there would be a concerted effort by the Federal Government – and Emily, to rebuild the case and to get to the bottom of the exploding plane.

Seemingly not! In fact Emily goes off on a little tangent including (in no particular order): going to Japan, finding a new chap, faking a breakup with the new chap, getting re-engaged to Daniel, planning to move to Paris with Daniel, finding her mother, sending her mother away, prompting Jack to ask faux-Amanda who the baby’s daddy is, faking the paternity test, lying to faux-Amanda about who the baby’s daddy is, revealing to faux-Amanda who the daddy is, stealing hospital uniforms, getting shouted at by Jack because he is stupid, saving Nolan, needing saving by Nolan (well by his computer wizardry) and throwing into the sea the laptop with all her evidence on!

Ok, so Emily has no evidence anymore, she’s ruined the Grayson’s social standing as they’ve all been arrested and generally look like scum – I mean Conrad has been elected Governor of New York which seems a bit like being the King Rat. So is Emily going to kill all members of the Grayson family instead? Maybe, she certainly stopped Jack killing Conrad in the season 2 finale!


As ruining them socially and legally doesn’t seem to be Emily’s end-game I guess she wants them miserable then dead. Perhaps in season 3 she will lure them all to a jungle and then hunt them down one by one, I can’t see how else this is going to make any sense – even for a soap opera.

For those looking for parallels with the Count, in the end he gives way his money and runs off with someone who had previously been sold into slavery. So, interpreting slavery in a modern setting as being anyone who has spent a prolonged time stuck socially lower/subservient to someone else, that could be almost anyone. Just please don’t be Jack.

The Third season starts in the US on September 29 (2013).

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