Miniatures: Secrets of the Third Reich

Until relatively recently I wasn’t overly aware of miniature figures. I’d seen my dad’s old cowboy and Native American figures but these were mass-produced toys rather than something that you had to assemble or paint yourself.

My lack of knowledge is my only excuse for not knowing better when my other-half said that he wanted to start playing again (he’d given up before we met) and assured me that it would be cheap hobby.


It turns out that there are an awful lot of different types of miniatures and some are scarier than others.

Fairly high on the list of scary things are the models from ‘Secrets of the Third Reich: 1949‘, also known as SoTR. These are a range of 28mm figures, produced by West Wind Productions.


As far as I can tell it is World War 2 with monsters. So you have Russian, US, British and German forces with added zombies, mechanised walkers and monsters – both natural and created.

V-gas rockets led to zombies, vampires and werewolves are rife, as a casual observer I haven’t worked out where the yeti-things fit in – but that is a minor issue.


In case you were wondering, it is certainly not a cheap hobby.

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