My cat drools and he likes it

My household has two cats – G and F.

F is called F because of his very large and obvious (censored!), his (censored!) has been apparent since he was a kitten. Also since he was a kitten he has drooled when stroked.

It is more of a steady drip of drool than a stream of dribble, but it is certainly very soggy if he sits in one place for long enough.

kitten drool
At first the drooling was a cause for concern as there are a few possible medical causes:

  • For example mouth problems such tooth damage, gum disease, ulcers or similar.
  • An adverse reaction to plants, household cleaners or medication.
  • Potentially nerve damage, internal organ damage and rabies all deserve a mention.

So there are a fair few medical reasons which need ruling out!

A vet can and should be engaged to check out drooling and to give the cat a clean bill of health. One question which they may ask is if the drooling has developed suddenly or recently. In F’s case the answer is no, he has always been a gusher.

So with no sign of a medical reason and a healthy mouth this opens up the possibility that the drooling is due to being happy. Apparently some cats drool when relax and content, they get so happy that they go floppy, their mouth opens and they dribble!
Some research and a lot of experimentation seems to suggest that F likes being stroked behind the ears to the extent that he dribbles – but only when my other-half strokes him!

Some people on the internet suggest that you should avoid stroking any trigger spots, but I am unsure why avoiding making F happy just because of a bit of sogginess would be a reasoned or fair response.

So F will continue to be adored and stroked where he likes and I will be grateful that he prefers to sit on my other-half!

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