Baby-related nail art

My sister-in-law is pregnant again, so it seems as good a reason as any to look at baby-themed nails!

As I am still trying to block out the details of exactly how many stitches she had after the last child – internal and external stitches, I won’t be painting my own nails.

The stork is too vague, I know FAR FAR too many details of how both baby’s came into being – the first one involved free IVF treatment after the clinic left a fridge door open…

nails mag

From Nails mag

There is something very creepy about the look on this child’s face – perhaps it knows who the real father of my sister-in-law’s baby is…


Perfectly subtle and understated – two things that could never be said about my wannabe-WAG sister-in-law


From Beauty Mantra

Overly pink and with vague blobs that look like peace-signs, this could be the new baby’s room decoration, assuming the s-i-l’s useless partner gets rids of his collection of rugby socks and shirts that are currently filling the room!

nails mag

From a different Nails Mag

Seriously what the hell? Is anyone THAT happy about the baby and yet doesn’t need to actually help out? I can’t see anyone changing a nappy in those nails!


From nail gallery


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