Olives – trying to make healthy look less ugly

Olives are not naturally a pretty food but are a key part of the Mediterranean diet – which is raved about in certain circles as helping have a healthy heart – including low(ish) cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

crafty food 7 - black olives, cream cheese, carrots and a green onion for a scarf

So they have happy levels of monounsaturated fats and are apparently a good source of vitamin E, fatty acids, anti-oxidants and iron.
More importantly for me is that olives apparently can help reduce inflammation – certain studies have suggested it can help with arthritis, admittedly they were focusing on the oil rather than the non-squashed form.

olive faces

I hadn’t really thought about what olives were – by the taste I’d generally have said salt water, but apparently they are fruit. Part of the drupes family, which is also includes peaches!

Peaches certainly taste nicer than olives, so I have been looking for fun ways to make olives look prettier so I will forget their taste! Thank goodness for the internet!


Olive snake from Cute Food for Kids


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