Pacific Rim – to save humanity we are going to squash your city

I’d been looking forward to ‘Pacific Rim’ ever since the viral handy cam clips in late 2012. However there were some pesky real-life complications when it came to actually seeing the film so I ended up seeing it at the very last showing that my local cinema was playing!

There isn’t much plot to worry about – the film is set in the near future and the Earth is under attack by monsters – called Kaijus, which are alien monsters coming through an interdimensional rift or portal located on the floor of the Pacific Ocean.


Humanity defends itself by building giant robots/mechas, called Jaegers, which are ‘driven’ using the minds of two pilots. They then decide that building huge walls will work better, they don’t, thus setting the remaining Jaegers as humanity’s last hope.

It was a fun movie if you don’t look at the plot too closely, it sort of felt like ‘Top Gun’ with monsters. All the monsters seemed to glow inside in a way that was very reminiscent of the tree elemental/monster in Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Hellboy 2’, which worked in ‘Hellboy 2’ but not so much here!


I think they was probably glowing in an attempt to get around the problem that a lot of the fights took place in water or dark (or both!), but things were still pretty murky, which diminished the impact and occasionally made me wonder who was hitting who! Although the fact that it was a late night screening and I was tired probably didn’t help!

The main cast are pretty interchangeable from any summer blockbuster – although it was nice seeing a female lead whose clothes didn’t fall off, leaving it to the supporting cast to steal the audience’s attention.

Another thing that was nice is seeing people get evacuated and running away from the monsters, it probably wouldn’t have diminished the death toll terribly much as the cities were being literally fought on and ground into dust by two giant monsters (one alien monster, one man-made-machine monster) but it makes a change from seeing little CGI people dying on screen in most big budget Hollywood disaster films and added a little more interest – something which films like ‘2012’ utterly forget.

Kill me first! No, me!

It was an ok film overall and an earlier showing time would probably have helped!

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