Elephant nails – because elephants would be better at replying to text messages!

The popular saying that elephants never forget does seem to have some scientific basis, which is neat.

I tend to forget names, be pretty good at faces and to remember annoying cr&p that people did for way too long! Not that this in itself is an issue as it is handy to remember who not to trust.


(Photo from packapunch)

Remembering nice things is a bit harder sometimes, except if they are silly; like when one of the cats was staring intently at a female friend’s head and was looking like he was going to leap at her… then at the last minute we realised she had huge feather earrings! Those had to come out pretty quickly!

colour republic

(Photo from ColorRepublic)

Which makes me smile and then I remember that the silly moo hasn’t text me back for a couple of weeks! So I’ve text her again with a happy message *poke, poke, poke*


(Photo from Naizy’s)

Although she’s always been bad at replying back, maybe she is drinking again and is away with the pink elephants.


(photo from some TArt)

Perhaps it is simpler to accept that elephants are more reliable and nicer than people. Although people who paint elephant nails can’t be all bad


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