When food fights back

There are loads of people on the internet who seem to be very talented and motivated when it comes to creating and crafting tantalising-looking food.

Although arguably pineapples look pretty funky naturally.

crafty food

(Photo from Pinterest)

However as I am currently watching a scary movie the overly cutesy stuff is spoiling the tension, so I went trawling the net for something scarier.

A melted snowman looking *that* distressed is pretty darn scary!

crafty food 2

(Photo from Pinterest)

That many eyes on a plate is definitely offputting!

spooky food

(Photo from ReadySetPlan)

Most concerningly is that were are businesses making a killing out of scary food – run the words “chocolate skull” through a search engine and the prices alone are enough to make you scream!

chocolate skull with walnut brain

(Photo from Pinterest)

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