Book: ‘On The Prowl’ – sex with mild peril

My local bookshops have a paranormal romance section in which they shove any books that vaguely fit that description – including erotic fiction which is a very different beast.

If the bookshops are going to continue being so coy then I feel that it would be very useful if they at least broke out an additional sub-genre of paranormal romance, just to avoid any confusion about how much ‘romance’ is in certain books – by romance I mean sex.

The sub-genre I have in mind is “sex with mild peril” and this is, largely, due to one book ‘On The Prowl’ by Christine Warren.


It is part of her series of books about “The Others”, I’ve only read one other book from that series and it was a bit of a guilty pleasure but was pretty readable. So when I was stuck in a strange city overnight I was happy to find an author I knew in a bookshop bargain bin and bought ‘On The Prowl’ without even reading the back.

It turns out that the plot is about weretigers in Manhattan – they are referred to as ‘Tiguri’. Specifically Saskia who is newly engaged to Nicolas, who she’d had a crush on as a child, and their getting to know each other being interrupted by someone trying to kill the leader of the Council. As the Council aren’t too fond of Tiguri to begin with they are more than happy to blame them for the attempted murder.


Without giving away spoilers that is the plot in a nutshell. To be honest I would be hard put to find any spoilers to give away – at no stage will the reader feel that there an excess of plot that ever threatens the inevitable happy ending.

The sex scenes are the primary focus of the book, which is sort of understandable as in Christine’s world the Tiguri traditions have engagement is the start of a relationship and Saskia needs to get knocked up before it is properly recognised – there is also the unfortunate plot device that apparently female weretigers go into heat… try not to think about this too deeply, it is pretty disturbing.

The end result is that everything else in the book plays second fiddle to the bonking, hence Sex with Mild Peril.

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