When cat toys go bad

There is a perception that the UK and USA, in particular, spend a considerable sum on pet care. The USA spent $61.4 billion in 2011.

Some commentators/pundits/opinionated people see this as an easy target for derision.

Equally child-free pet owners might view instances where vast sums of money are spent by parents on babies/children as rather silly and over the top. For example the lady who spent £3,000 on pink things for her baby, a huge sum of money in particular which the baby then turned out to be a boy.


(Photo seems to be originally from The Telegraph)

The easy answer is neither side is wrong; there is a legal and moral basic minimum standard of care due to a dependant– be it human or animal. After that point you can spend as much money as you are prepared to on making their life more luxurious or privileged – it really helps to have the money to do this, racking up debt isn’t a good way to go.

As a matter of course I always tried to treat the animals in my life to nice things. My sister-in-law’s ungrateful attitude meant that I rapidly stopped being overly generous to her child and have no intention of ever again going overboard on presents for her current child or even her pending-child.

This means that I can focus my giving 100% on the animals – the other half tends to be an expensive little munchkin without my help. The downside of this is sometimes I have bought strange things on the spur of the moment.

Behold the albino ferret with the scary glowing eyes and detachable ears – they aren’t technically meant to detach. I am not entirely sure why I bought this as it looks best-placed to inspire nightmares – neither cat is at all interested in it.


(This picture is mine!)

Behold the mutant sheep rat thing. It looks like it is woolly so it must be a sheep, but it has whiskers so must be a rat, it is green so must be… scary – very very scary. Both cats have ignored this toy, probably because it doesn’t resemble any sort of prey they’ve ever seen.

sheeprat thing

(This picture is mine!)

Even products that I expect to be safe occasionally are met with distain; G has a habit of attacking his grooming brush and had killed the old one. I bought a new one that was exactly the same and stupidly threw away the old one instantly. G hates the new hairbrush and refuses to have it near him, somehow I need to overcome this without losing all the skin on my hands…

It might be simpler to buy a new hairbrush for him but I am saving my pennies for a Petcube

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