Invisible tattoos are more than skin deep

I really like the idea of getting a tattoo, I know which local tattoo parlour has a good reputation (and a clean bill of health!), I have their phone number on my phone, their website bookmarked and I keep up to date with their changing artists.

I’ve gone through a number of design evolutions to get things just right, only to discard the paper versions when I can see them every time I close my eyes. At least count there were three that I have perfectly envisioned and two that I am still refining.

supernatural tattoo 2

(photo from the internet – finding one which wasn’t fan-art of them in underwear was surprisingly hard)

However I don’t have any nor even any short term plans to get one. I’ve never even had a henna tattoo out of concern that an adverse reaction would prevent my dying my hair on a whim – especially as I always skip the 48 hours skin sensitivity test!

Despite tattoos having some really interesting cultural designs, particularly from more Eastern areas, and some really interesting history – both positive and negative, the sad reality is that a lot of tattoos look better on paper than they do on person and I have no desire to be stuck with something less than perfect.


(photo from a collection site which didn’t quote a parlour, an artist or even whose skin it is – I’d like to know!)

Walking down most high streets on a weekend does tend to offer up multiple walking and walking examples of bad ideas and worse artwork. A woman I worked with had three stars on her wrist – they were smudged to the extent that they looked like they’d been drawn on with biro – it was actually a tourist resort tattoo! A friend has a kingfisher with its beak in a flower, she’d asked for a humming bird but the parlour apparently got confused!


(stock photo of Ozzy looking a tiny little bit loco)

There is also the, alleged, quote from Ozzy Osbourne “If you want to be (censored) individual don’t get a tattoo. Every (censored)’s got one these days.” Coming from someone with so many ‘different’ bits of body art that is particularly damning and staying clean is sounding a very good idea!

But it won’t stop me planning to add to my invisible collection.

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