Ugly cupcakes want revenge

Cupcakes (or decorated fairy cakes as they were known before it became trendy to stick a huge price tag on them) are traditionally seen as easy to make but tricky to decorate well.

I do wonder what happens to the ugly cakes that people create when they are first starting out, are they fed to the homeless, are they cut up into small free samples so you can’t see the ugly or are they thrown away and grow resentful, plotting revenge as they go stale and dry?

Of course some people fail on the making


(Would crediting the photo here count as bullying? Do let me know if you want the credit)

Others really fail on the decorating to the point where you start to wonder if it is a satirical masterpiece


(Crediting the photo would probably count as bullying and that would be mean – but do let me know if you want the credit…)

Others are not-conventionally pretty

Army Cupcake

(Photo from theextraordinaryartofcake)

Then there at some which are very pretty


(photo from mychocolate)

You can tell that cupcakes are currently trendy due to people getting tattoos of them – that is PEOPLE, as in plural! Suddenly ugly rejected cupcakes being out for revenge doesn’t seem so farfetched or scary…


(Photo via GeekyTattoos)

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