Zombie nails – how to look good and annoy my boss

After a day at work which felt like a living nightmare it sounds most therapeutic to have zombie themed nails.

The catch is unless it is the weekend I probably can’t go too extreme or gore-covered.

Fortunately the internet has a fair number of happy looking or comical zombie nails.

These little fellows look sort of like grumpy little barnacles, which isn’t overly what I’d want to wear. The one with a big smile covered in blood and cross eyes is a bit too sinister for work – I think I’d find myself escorted from the premises…

did my nails

(Photo from DidMyNails)

Neon green is a hard colour to pull off, but somehow these nails work really well, the lack of eyes is a huge plus! The cute little stitches are a nice touch! Although I am not entirely sure what the red bits are…


(Photo from some TArt)

These are uber-creepy and very well done, but they remind me of the artwork for the film ‘Identity’ – the one with John Cusack and all the people stuck at the motel who get killed one by one… so I can see work’s rent-a-cops security guards featuring in my life with these nails too.


(Photo from Overpolished)

Duel purpose nails are fab, this way I can have zombie-themed nails AND gesture to my co-workers “fellow shareholders” to get some darn brains by using a hand-sign that isn’t technically offense!

girls night

(Photo from Girlsnightcreativity)

Gosh I do hope that it is the small and fat security guard working tomorrow, I can outrun her even with my borked knee!

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4 thoughts on “Zombie nails – how to look good and annoy my boss

  1. Scarier sounds good and I will certainly try that!

    I am finding that because nails have a small surface area – unless you have HUGE horror movie-style nails (which are pretty scary in their own right) it is a balance to get the impact without look like multiple colour blobs!

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