Japanese Monster Nails

In modern popular culture Japan has the best monsters. They even have a funky word for it “Kaiju” which has a literal translation of “strange creature” – although the English definition has been simplied to “giant monster”.

Most of these monsters are indeed giant, from Rodan (a giant pteranodon) to Mothra (a giant moth) and even a giant Frankenstein ( in the 1965 ‘Frankenstein  versus Subterranean Monster Barago’). The best known of all of them, the King of All Monsters is Godzilla.

It turns out that he looks rather good on nail art too:

godzilla iceomatic

(Photo from Iceomaticsnails)

Domo-kun is arguably more of a mascot than a monster, but due to his teeth and appearance he is a monster.

domo kan we heart it

(Photo from WeHeartIt)

Last, but not least, for today is Nyan Cat. Arguably this isn’t a monster, however I feel Nyan Cat counts as a monster because it is scary, odd and has led to a number of lawsuits and seemingly random acts of litigation.

nyan cat art-sci

(Photo from Art-Sci)

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