The NHS *does* have death panels, the A&E department

Sometimes being in a certain predicament unexpectedly is annoying and inconvenient enough in its own right to make anyone grumpy. When the so-called –professionals have no answers and no compassion it is even worse.

For example, if you were feeling very off for a few days and then had terrible pain – enough to go to Accident and Emergency at 2am in total panic. You’d hope and expect that Accident and Emergency (henceforth A&E) would treat you like a person and talk to you. You would be wrong.


(Photo from The Guardian)

These are some tips that I discovered first hand:

  • It isn’t helpful if the initial desk staff are dismissive.
  • It isn’t helpful to leave the person for 30 minutes scared and in pain in the initial waiting area along with a couple of rowdy drunks.
  • It is helpful for the triage nurse to be kind – but being competent too would be nice.
  • It isn’t helpful to be left for another hour sitting in a second waiting area after being told that the next trolley in room B is for you – with no trolley appearing for a very long time.
  • You think of your cave and penguins – just like in ‘Fight Club’, you smile at the thought and get glared at by the staff.

Fight Club Slide

  • It really isn’t helpful for the trolley to finally appear and someone else to get it.
  •  You do feel sorry for that someone when their intimate infection is discussed at very loud volume and in great details.
  •  You then get taken back to be triage nurse and told they’ve detected X condition, the triage nurse then looks blank as you ask “so how does that explain what I am experiencing?” They say that you need to talk to the doctor.

nhs death panel

(Photo from an NHS death panel trust)

  • You think of the self-help meetings in ‘Fight Club’ and gain greater understanding of why these people cling to each other – dealing with the doctors leave you so bruised and fragile that you want someone who understands, who listens and who has empathy.
  • You watch the nursing staff write out the wrong prescription – making it worse by writing in her own name, you wonder how many overdoses these people have given patients.
  • You wait another 30 minutes and decide you are leaving – you find someone to tell as the staff have been bitching when people have got up and just left (or possibly wandered away to die).
  • They then find a doctor, the doctor is apparently 12 and is a prat who doesn’t relate the situation to condition X and ignores perfectly reasonable questions.
  • The prat says to go home, take some of your own painkillers and go see your normal doctor in the morning.

paul phillips

(Photo from Paul Phillips)

It is now 4am, you are still in pain and you feel like you’ve wasted two hours of your life. You are tired, concerned, grumpy and have no ***king answers at all – in fact you possibly have less answers than before you went in.

On the bright side you know now that A&E is useless and staffed by a-holes.

You also know that they could have very easily killed you through incompetence. You celebrate your escape by visiting your normal doctor at a civilised time.

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