Book: Savage Nature – would have been improved by a giant killer crocodile

I am not entirely sure if I have or haven’t read a Christine Feehan book previously, I may have read one of her Carpathian Novels series previously, however I definitely hadn’t tried one of her Leopard novels until I found ‘Savage Nature’ in a charity shop.

The back-cover blurb sounded interesting, a young lady, Saria Boudreaux, finds a dead body in the Louisiana bayou near her home, she can’t go to the police as it looks like a big cat kill and her five brothers shape-shift into leopards. Then more dead bodies turn up.

savage nature

Drake Donovan is sent by the owner of most of the bayou to investigate the killings. He is a leopard-shifter too and ends up bonking Saria whilst hunting for the killer and investigating the inevitable secrets of the glorified swamp.

The adventure aspect of the book is tolerable, but the characters are predominantly two-dimensional – from the adoptive-mother figure, the over-protective brother and the potential bad guys.

Saria and Drake are particularly two dimensional, both have a mildly traumatic past but they seem to put it behind them pretty-sharpish as catching the killer bonking distracts them.


(Photo from Aadelaide Now)

The thing is this book is meant to be romance-paranormal and that sets a certain expectation in my mind – namely that it is a mutually respectful, preferably not-tacky and their first sexual encounter – heck Saria’s first sexual contact at all, isn’t her going down on him in the middle of a swamp.

That incident was a bit of distraction and didn’t give me much respect for either of them. I did finish the book but wasn’t really paying too much attention as I was pre-emptively trying to block out the next inappropriate sexual encounter.

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