Blood sucking butterflies – give them blood, all your blood

Medical confusion about my exact condition continues to reign supreme. After three (censored) tests, three blood tests and a scan the NHS are still very unsure exactly what is going on; however they do know that they want more blood and another scan.

The only conclusions to date seem to be that my veins hide when threatened with a needle and I bruise a lot.

blood test

On the second test I resembled a pin cushion, it took them five goes and two butterflies to get more than a couple of drops of blood.

In this context a butterfly isn’t a pretty winged insect, it is a needle which is designed for pesky little veins that don’t want to co-operate. It gets shoved into you at a shallow angle and when it enters the vein it flashes blood to show the person wielding the needle that they have managed to hit a vein.


(photo from Flickr)

The bruising on the back of my hands hurts more than expected when I type and I am grateful that watching ‘Trainspotting’ at an impressionable age (and keeping my eyes open when I got my tongue pierced) means that I now refuse to watch needles going anywhere near me.

kitty peeking

(Photo from attackofthecute)

On the one occasion so far that it wasn’t a battle to get blood out of me the medical staff took way too much, she then asked if I wanted some back… which sounds amusing until they say it to you!

I’ve donated blood a few times before without any problem, but looking at my arms at the moment that isn’t going to be an option for several months even if I wanted to! But at some point the NHS might be able to work out what to do next!

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