Rat hosted parties – things actually went downhill after that

Recently I went to a house warming party where the house rats were listed as the hosts.

The house was in the sort of state that you’d expect based on that. It was a pretty good party, mostly as it didn’t seem possible to actually trash the house any more than it was!


The playlist sounded like Eurovision, although it was on very low volume so as not
to upset the very scary neighbours.

I have an invitation to a party that only seems to exist so the chap can sell some kittens. They are cute enough cats but the price he is asking for is somewhat steep for some little balls of fluff that have no particular pedigree.

kitten in trolley

It will be a good party – as it is in the middle of nowhere and the playlist is suitably loud, but I won’t be coming home with a kitten at the end of it!

There is a friend’s wife who has a birthday coming up, it ends in a zero and larger than 20, which she has decided to celebrate with a Harry Potter themed party.

oh dear harry potter whore costume

I do have a few friends who have hosted Harry Potter parties before now… for their kids who tend to be under 10. The same concept but with alcohol does sound a bad idea and that is before you take into account the location being a house in a small village in Wales with only one road in/out.

I am desperately trying to resist the urge to attend dressed as a Dementor, this is largely as I fear some of her Far Right friends might come in a white costumed version of the hooded cloaks.

harry potter dementor

All of a sudden a rat-hosted party sounds the highlight of the season.

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