Film: 30 Days of Night – they should have called Blade

Vampire films can be hit or miss, the genre has been around for so long that there are a multitude of films featuring vampires – either directly or indirectly.

I used to like vampire films – although they tend to date very badly, for the example the original ‘The Lost Boys’ feels extremely dated to the extent that only the concept of Chinese take away is in any way relevant to a modern audience.

lost boys

Even the bad ones have merit, largely because they are fairly predictable and are often so bad they tended to be funny – for example ‘Dracula 3000’ which so was bad that even Casper Van Dien’s square jaw was a source of giggles.

‘Lost Boys: The Tribe’ and ‘Lost Boys: The Thirst’ changed that, they were absolutely unwatchable and had no redeeming value. I got to the end of The Thirst using a combination of mute and fast-forward!

Dracula 3000

The former of which came in useful when watching ‘30 days of night’ – mostly because random vampire screeching noises are really annoying!

I’ve watched it before and remembered it wasn’t overly good but I couldn’t remember exactly why, so when it was on TV it seemed an idea to try it again.

30 days of night

The film was ok in certain respects but there were a couple of things that bugged me

1)    Josh Hartnett seemed too young to be sheriff – I am aware that the town of Talkeetna in Alaska has a cat as mayor but London has Boris Johnson so the concept of a joke Mayor is pretty familiar. A sheriff who looks 16 just doesn’t seem like they should be holding a gun.

2)    I didn’t see the point in the vampires babbling in some random language made up of clicks – maybe the comics explain the point but expecting me read the comics just to understand the film is a risky tactic.

3)    Josh’s character’s wife was irritating beyond belief and was too stupid to deserve the sacrifices made on her behalf.


Other than that it was an ok film, but I did need then to watch all three Blade films to remind myself what a fun vampire film is!

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