Nails: Elvis – more flair than One Direction

A woman that I know has a pretty major Elvis obsession, it doesn’t seem to be about the music, instead it is absolute hero worship.

Which is fine, whatever makes her happy and isn’t hurting anyone. I just don’t get it in the same way as I don’t really understand the cult following of the Beatles.

When I was in my late teen and early 20s there were a few bands that I liked more than others, but looking at ticket stubs and CDs there isn’t any one that really stands out as being THE one.

A bit like these nails, they certainly aren’t the one thing that you would want to be remembered for

beauty elvis

(Photo from Beauty.About)

It might be as simple as the 1950s were a time of social change, where new and challenging influences were entertain mainstream consciousness for the first time – although classic red, white and blue nails never look old.

nailsshine elvis

(Photo from NailsShine)

Maybe the appeal of Elvis is he was a showman, something that these nails convey rather well

jeealee elvis

(Photo from Jeealee)

Maybe you had to be there to understand the appeal…

prettynailswag elvis

(Photo from PrettyNailSwag)

On the other hand there aren’t that many bands around these days that can capture the public imagination in an almost cult fashion and leave behind anything worthwhile – One Direction seem to get a scary amount of coverage but the nail art dedicated to them is pretty poor

one direction nail art

(Photo from Packapunch)

Given the choice between them and Elvis I can see why Elvis would win.

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