The invasion of high heeled cupcakes

Ever since fairy cakes were rebranded cupcakes there has been a tendency for them to have Over The Top decoration so dayglo that you can almost start bouncing from the e-numbers just by looking at them.

One trend that has really taken off is high heels on cupcakes and some of these look too good to eat – almost…

cupcake - heels

(Photo from somewhere on Pinterest)

They certainly look to have taken a long time to craft, so should be savoured if you really must eat them!

high heel cupcake cakecentral

(Photo from CakeCentral)

Although making the heels pink seems a little populist and uninspired – although the bow is a cute decadent touch

high heel cupcake blogspot

(Photo from BlogSpot)

In fact pink high heels are so popular that you can even buy tape dispensers in that form!

high heel tape dispenser

This cultural obsession with pink shoes almost explains why my sister-in-law is raising her child to be a mini-Barbie… almost…

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