Film: Ghost Shark – so bad that it cures Galeophobia

For as long as I can remember I’ve been irrationally scared of sharks. The thought of a big shark with sharp teeth was enough to freak me out enough to make me physically uncomfortable.

This fear is irrational as I’ve never seen a scary shark in the wild – the small ones without teeth don’t count as scary. I haven’t even seen a scary shark in captivity. I have no problems with killer whales – which I have seen in captivity and given their tendency to have incidents with their trainers would be far more sensible to fear.

killer whale

(Photo from a WordPress site)

I’ve not seen a horror film with a shark in – not even ‘Jaws’, so have absolutely no idea why sharks freak me out. There was an incident overseas when I was 11 and was wind-surfing with a borrowed sail that was far too big for me, sliced my foot open and then the wind dropped leaving me stuck about 2 miles out waiting for the breeze to pick up. But I was scared of sharks before that!

The other day I was channel-hopping as a show that I wanted was on in 30 minutes and I had a comfy seat on the sofa (a rarity in this household!), the Sci-Fi channel had a film called ‘Ghost Shark’ on.

The premise sounded so ridiculous that I turned it on – even though the film had started 20 minutes previously and featured a shark!

From what I saw the plot was a dead shark was annoyed at being dead so attacked a small town as a ghost shark. The ghost shark needs the presence of some water in order to eat people, for example a slip and slide or a bucket of water at a bikini car wash.

ghost shark

(Photo from a rag)

Yes the bucket of water had a well-endowed and under-clothed woman vanish into it and I even found a still photo of this.

I watched enough to conclude that the local authorities were useless and the annoyingly perky heroine was probably going to team up with a very drunken sea captain to save the day.

The oddest thing about ‘Ghost Shark’ was that it was so stupid I am now having less issues with the concept of big scary sharks. So whilst the film wasn’t good enough to watch more than half an hour of it did at leave serve a purpose!

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