Book: Stephen King’s ‘Doctor Sleep’ – Some books are like people: some shine and some don’t

As a child I read a fair bit of Stephen King – it was my dad’s fault.

But thinking about it I haven’t read any recently, recent being anything post-1998 and actually not much published since the 1980s.

doctor sleep king

I read the first book of ‘The Green Mile’ as I was stuck on a coach and the service station didn’t have much in stock. I read the ending of ‘Dreamcatcher’ just to see if it was as bad as the film but I am not sure that really counts.

‘The Shining’ was a decent book and a better film, so the idea of a sequel is both interesting and concerning.

King did a public reading of an extract from ‘Doctor Sleep’ a few months ago that made it sound interesting, although the central premise requiring children with “the shining” gift being tortured sounds a bit too downbeat,

I will probably buy it for my dad at some point – Christmas isn’t as far off as I’d like and so far all he has asked for is a spirit level…

Entirely parking the book, it has occurred to me that Stephen King is increasingly looking like a zombie…

'Stephen King is far more Jane Austen than Saw XIII.'

(Photo from The Guardian)

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