Book: C.E. Murphy – Coyote Dreams . A slow, dull dream with nothing to chase

‘Coyote Dreams’ is book three of ‘Walker Papers’ – I found it in a charity shop so naturally haven’t read book one, two or any of the ones  that came after (the final book is due out in December).

I was aware of the series as it is firmly Urban Fantasy, which makes it potentially of interest, the start of the book also had a fun description of the hangover from hell – which includes “it felt like there were a thousand vicious gnomes leaping up and down…”

coyote dreams

In hindsight I should perhaps have read a little more book in the shop before handing over my money. Perhaps I should have taken the hint that I didn’t finish reading the back blurb… apparently people in the city (whatever city that is) are falling asleep and not waking up, they aren’t dying, they are just sort of slipping into a semi-coma and something is eating their energy.

Joanne Walker is a half-Irish and half-Native American shaman who gets in trouble a lot, that also isn’t her real name and if I got in trouble half as much then I’d hide my real name too…

In addition to people falling asleep Joanne is having some odd dreams and wondering where her Spirit Guide has wandered off to.


(Photo from trekearth)

The book isn’t bad, it just doesn’t move very fast and the effort of getting to the end wasn’t really rewarded – it feels a jumbled mess of random time-line alterations, spirit walking episodes and an unsatisfying fight against a God before the city is magically saved.

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