PetCube – a new way to get destracted at work

My Other-Half is showing signs of being addicted to KickStarter, which as far as I can see takes the money and then you wait ages in the hope of getting the goodies.

I had so far resisted temptation to even look at what was on offer but I gave in today, although in my defence it wasn’t on something for me… it was for the cats AND me!

pet cube

(Photo from Petcube)

Petcube is gizmo that could be summed up as a glorified webcam with a built in laser pointer and I want one.

The concept of sitting at work and playing with the cats sounds fantastic… on my lunchbreak of course…

So it was their Kickstarter that I’ve just signed up to and now I have to wait until about May next year to see if the goodies arrive!

Now I really want some instant retail therapy!


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