Film: Ginger Snaps – “If you don’t like your ideas, stop having them”

‘Ginger Snaps’ is as film that I love the idea of but feel cheated by the ending. Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald are teenage sisters who are not in the mainstream at their school. They certainly are more morbid than their peers – one school project features them staging photos of their deaths.

There is something large killing dogs in the area, The Beast of Bailey Downs, on the night of Ginger’s first period the beast attacks Ginger and she starts to change – with lycanthropy being a metaphor for menstruation and the (not just emotional) perils of the transition from child to adult.

Ginger Snaps

Brigitte teams up with the local drug dealer in trying to find a cure, although nothing goes as planned and events escalate.

The sister’s relationship is interesting to watch, poor Brigitte tries so hard to be a good sister as Ginger’s behaviour escalates. The soundtrack is a good accompaniment to the deterioration as it features Glassjaw, Professional Murder Music and Cradle of Filth.

The supporting cast are largely forgettable, with the exception of their oblivious mother played by Mimi Rogers. She is fantastically over the top and desperately wants to be a good mother even in the face of a mounting death toll. She also has a wonderful line about how the mother is always blamed for their children’s mistakes.

ginger snaps monster

The film is a combination of horror and dark humour, which makes the ending a bit too jarring for my tastes. So in my efforts to clear down the number of films I have it falls in the To Go pile.

I refuse to accept that there were two further films made – both ‘Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed’ and ‘Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning sucked’ and added nothing to the first film.

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