TV and random things ‘Sleepy Hollow’ related – who buys this stuff?

I am currently taping the new TV version of ‘Sleepy Hollow’, there doesn’t seem too much point in starting watching until I have a few episodes saved up – a tactic that worked very well for the last two seasons of ‘Supernatural’.

Searching the internet to see how many episodes are in the first season I noticed there seemed to a lot of results for “Sleepy Hollow” on Ebay.

Some of these are pretty mainsteam, for example the World of Warcraft action figure for their headless horseman – complete with little demonically alive pumpkin monster.

world of warcraft headless horseman action figure

Others are a little more specialist – creepy weathervanes are nice but you really need the right house to pull it off.

headless horseman weathervane


Finding the right house might be easier than finding the right dog to wear a little saddle and headless jockey. The pumpkin head just looks too tempting…

headless horseman dog costume

All photos from random Ebay auctions.

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