Blood donation – feeding vampires and aiding data protection breaches

I have given blood a couple of times in the past despite my veins having a tendency to hide – I am a slightly weird blood type so get badgered a fair bit, but my sibling is a weirder blood type and is invited to any and all blood drives within a 50 mile radius of home!

I had declined to provide the Blood People with my email or phone number as I didn’t see a need to share that information. However at my last session the Blood People insisted that they needed my phone number in case of a problem, they promised it would only be used for that purpose.

blood donation

(Photo from Wikipedia)

A dizzy/nausea spell just as I finished dripping into the tube at my last visit was met by hysteria from the people staffing the blood drive – oddly enough I didn’t want 7 people crowding around me and holding me down when all I wanted was to sit up slowly and have some space! That didn’t make me want to go back there and the venue close to work is a stinky old gymnasium.

Combined with a medical event (or two) meant I didn’t go for a few months and in that time the Blood People sent an endless string of letters wanting blood, which was really off-putting – it made me wonder if they were desperate for blood as they were feeding vampires and the vampires were getting hungry.

I rang up the Blood People and asked nicely to be taken off the contact list but explained that I was happy to remain on the register – the idea being that I could ring up when it suited me to find an appointment.

Let the Right One In

(Still from ‘Let The Right One In’)

The following week I started getting text messages; these varied from the vague “we have invited you to a donation session taking place today” to the slightly broken English of “We have space at session in your area”.

It seems a bit sinister and unhelpful that they wouldn’t tell me where the donation session actually was but were sure that it was in my area, plus the minor issue that I had not given them my contact information for this purpose – which is technically a data protection issue.

So I ring up and spoke to the Blood Thieves again, they admitted that none of their staff should have said the mobile number would only be used for emergencies as there was no way to mark this on the system!

This all means that I now don’t trust the Blood Thieves and think I may have to stop being nice to them. If nothing else because it is only a matter of time before the latest IPhone wants a DNA sample to unlock the screen!

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