Firework themed cupcakes – kill it with fire

The excitement of Bonfire night hasn’t yet left although I am getting very fed-up of mediocre fireworks.

Which is a shame as it is very easy to find rubbish fireworks – and rubbish firework-inspired cupcakes.

These look like palm trees as seen on a bad trip.

cupcake - firework tree

(Photo from goodtoknow)

This entire cake looks like a euphemism, a red tipped rocket just isn’t classy:

cupcake - red icing and gold balls firework

(Photo from flickr)

Black icing can be a good background – whilst staining your mouth and teeth, but the foreground needs to be worth the staining! Unfortunately these wobbly, erratic, splotchy lines really aren’t worth black icing.

Although the stars are cute.

cupcake - black and colour fireworks

(Photo from flickr)

This is both a better and worse use of black icing backgrounds. As long as you think that it is a scary spider or abstract art then the silver splashes work. If you start thinking about them as fireworks then they suck.

cupcakes - firework black and silver

(Photo from solidrecipe)

Talking of abstract and bad trips – these are the only explanations for why you’d combine so many conflicting designs in one display. Finding one design that works and sticking to it would be smarter and prettier.

cupcakes - fireworks too many designs

(Photo from flickr)

Although not making that one design out of play dough would have been better.

cupcakes - fireworks play dough

(Photo from flickr)

In short, stars can look good on cupcakes, fireworks less so.

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