Book: Christopher Farnsworth’s ‘Blood Oath’

A book featuring a vampire secret agent book is a bit of a strange concept to aim at adults and one that I am not entirely sure that this counts as urban fantasy. If it were a bit more military (and organised) then it could be classed as a Chris Ryan style romp with monsters, unfortunately it is more like ‘Olympus has Fallen’ without the pacing or humour.

Nathaniel Cade is a 160 years old vampire who is bound by a voodoo style blood oath to serve and protect the President of the United States. He drinks animal blood rather than human and attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to help him fight his thirst for the good stuff.

Blood Oath

His hander is former Federal Bureau of Investigations agent William Griffin but after 30ish years he is quitting and his replacement is a punk kid called Zach Barrows.

The current threat could be called biological, but really it is Frankenstein-style creations made from dead US soldiers. This is probably a heavy-handed analogy about the war on terror, but it works if you take it at face value.

Fangoria say that ‘Blood Oath’ has been optioned by the producer behind ‘Law Abiding Citizen’. As ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ was interesting before falling apart in the final few minutes that sounds similar to how ‘Blood Oath’ falls apart in the final act.

law abiding citizen

(Still from Law Abiding Citizen)

The bad guys are naturally part of a larger sinister plot coordinated by the catchily named Shadow Company. ‘Blood Oath’ resolves it’s immediate plot but leaves a lot of unanswered stuff, just as well there are two sequels ‘The President’s Vampire’ and ‘Red, White and Blood.’

Apparently ‘The President’s Vampire’ features Osama Bin Laden turning into a lizard-man creature. Which sound amusing enough to make me keep an eye out for it in charity shops. Farnsworth apparently has outlines for a series of ten books, good luck to him as I personally wouldn’t pay full price for one of them!

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