TV – Todd and the Book of Pure Evil – How to feed high schools boys to your zombie parents

There are a fair few Kevin Smith films in my household, most of them via my sibling who was a massive Kevin Smith fan for years (‘Mallrats’ onwards) before seemingly waking up one day and detesting all things Kevin Smith.

I had foolishly spent years buying various Kevin Smith related bits for birthdays and seasonal events – most of which were unceremoniously returned to me in a messy pile of DVDs, comics, action figures and bin bags.

To this day I am not sure what the hate-trigger was – although the timing was shortly after the combination of  ‘Clerks 2’ and ‘Die Hard 4’.


Nor am I sure if the hated included Jason Mewes, in fairness finding Jason Mewes outside of a Kevin Smith film takes some doing. Off the top of my head I can only think of two things ‘RSVP’ and ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’.

‘RSVP’ is a low-budget, low-brainer teen horror that tries to be self-knowing but is too high to pull it off. That said it is still better than most of the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise.

‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’ (hence forth ‘TatBoPE’) was a strange Canadian TV show that danced between horror and comedy.

Kevin Smith - Die Hard 4

The premise that that in a small town founded by Satanists there is a high school called Crowley High and a magical book called the ‘Book of Pure Evil’. This book has the power to grant wishes, but in the best traditions of horror the wishes go horribly wrong.

Four students at the school encounter the book, realise that it is evil and spend two seasons trying to undo the wish of the week.

After a small quantity of effort I tracked down and watched an episode – unfortunately it wasn’t the first episode but it was immediately so odd that that didn’t seem to matter. Without giving too much away the episode demonstrated why resurrecting dead rock stars to replace your parents will result in you seducing teenage boys to get them down into the basement to feed your new zombie parents.

todd and the book of pure evil

It turns out that Jason Mewes has a small but debauched part as Jimmy the Janitor, who seems a clearer-headed version of Jay whilst still being a very bad influence.

Finding a second episode to see if the madness continues is now on my To Do list, however I am still not brave enough to ask my sibling if they would like to watch an episode!

Apparently the creators have raised the money to make an animated series finale in the form of a feature film that will be released in 2014 – which sounds just terrifying.

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