TV: ‘The Secret Circle’ – Teens unsuccessfully coping with the natural beauty of black magic

Witches do currently seem to be having a resurgence – probably because zombies, vampires and werewolves a) have been around for a bit so have got boring and b) because those three don’t tend to contain positive female role models.

This isn’t to say that all witches are positive role models but even ‘The Craft’ balanced out so the positive eventually overcame the negative. Even the cringe-inducing ‘Practical Magic’ had an entertaining mix of good VS evil if you made it to the end of the film.

The Secret Circle

In a rare instance of spare time I stumbled over a show called ‘The Secret Circle’ , it revolves around Cassie Blake who moves to Change Harbor in Washington following the death of her mother. It transpires that she is a witch and so are the five people who she ends up being friends with (Adam, Diana, Faye, Melissa and Nick).

There are a few catches, namely that the six joining together does give them more powers but a lot of bad things start crawling out of the woodwork too. Without giving away too many spoilers I will just say that the demons in ‘Supernatural’ are far scarier and more believable than in this.

The first episode was ok but not super, yet for some reason I carried on watching and found it surprisingly watchable – the locations were gorgeous and was probably the best part of the show. The dialogue was definitely teen-orientated but in a teen-horror sort of way. In episode five there is a horrendous scene involving whipped cream which definitely makes this horror!

Secret Circle killer bee

The reason for this is probably in part due to Kevin Williamson being Executive Producer – Williamson wrote ‘Scream’, ‘Scream 2’ and ‘Scream 4’, in a possibly random coincidence Britt Robertson who plays Cassie was in ‘Scream 4’.

Although there were a lot of coincidences, two of the cast have been in ‘Heroes’ (Thomas Dekker  and the fantastic Ashley Crow), one of the witch hunters plays almost exactly the same character as he does in Revenge (by actor JR Bourne) and generally half the cast are randomly recognisable from other things.

Despite the fact that Thomas Dekker spent most of the series looking broodily out from under his hair he was far more watchable than when he was in ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ – a series that I must finish at some point despite all the characters being dreadful!

In the early episodes of ‘The Secret Circle’ Cassie comes over as a really sweet kid who is out of her depth, she dresses as a killer bee for Halloween which is just cute! By episode eight she was growing slowly but seemed to be the only character who was. In fact the whole show had less emotional depth than any track on Type O Negative’s ‘Slow, Deep and Hard‘.

One of the reasons for the show being cancelled after one season of 22 episodes  was the ratings dropped significantly half-way through the series, I will admit to jumped to the last episode after getting half way through and becoming distracted by who Adam was going to end up with!


The last episode didn’t really answer any of the questions that I was interested in but laid the setup for a really interesting looking second season, which never came to pass. The morale is probably to get the show to the damn point quicker and have less will they/won’t they teasing.

It is worth noting that the TV show is based on a book by L. J. Smith – well she wrote  the first three books before being ditched for a ghostwriter –  which also happened to her  on ‘The Vampire Diaries’… oops.

Due to my ongoing book purge I am not going to track down the books, but a quick internet search sounds like Cassie got with Adam, which is a good place for me to mentally park the entire show and book series.

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