Nails: Thundercats – so bad that Mumm-Ra is crying with laughter

Looking at Rainbow Brite nails the other week I ended up wondering what other childhood memories had been turned into nail art.

Thundercats seemed an obvious choice for nail art; there are multiple characters (Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, WilyKit, WilyKat, and Snarf), they are cats – the internet loves cats, their facial features are pretty simple so they aren’t overly tricky to draw and if you get really stuck you can always just use the logo.


So with such a simple topic how on earth can someone produce these horrors? The logo is ok, but the background clashes – even my colourblind male co-worker with no fashion sense would think these colours shouldn’t be combined!

thundercats nails bad

(Photo from spellbindingnails)

Or these, what the hell happened here? I know the broad says she doesn’t remember the show but good grief!

thundercats nails wtf

(Photo from nevermindsuzi)

The VERY best example of Thundercat inspired nail art that I can find is this:

thundercats nails -best of a bad bunch

(Photo from crystalsnailart)

They are ok I suppose! But that mani isn’t showing poor Crystal at her best, so let’s end on a happy and entirely non-Thundercat mani from her instead

funky painting man

(Photo from CrystalSnailArt)

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