Reduced price Halloween goodies – because maggots mature with age

In the aftermath of Halloween there were a few reduced price goodies to be found in various shops – mostly Waitrose.

I much prefer the post-Halloween sale to the post-Christmas sales because the shops are so desperate to get the shelf space back that they reduce things to pennies and they don’t stock the shelves with specially bought in junk to con people into buying it at a ‘reduced’ price.

This year’s bargains included possessed pasta shapes

heinz spooky shapes

Even In-Law scaring napkins can be found for under £1 – I would love to say that I haven’t abused my mother-in-law’s confusion between ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘Nightmare on Elf Street’ … she also gets confused between Frankenstein and Dracula (I do wish that I was making this up)

monster napkin

Halloween candy is a staple, although these were not overly sour.

sour tricks

My personal favourite bargain of the season was the Halloween cake that was VERY cheap and had a surprisingly good date on it.

The green sprinkles do look disturbing reminiscent of maggots and unfortunately it didn’t taste of chocolate.

toil and trouble cake

Curiously the Waitrose spider gingerbread cookies weren’t reduced, but the Other Half really liked them so I bought a couple anyway!

spider gingerbead

Unfortunately I will have to concede that Halloween is well and truly over, I suppose I better face up to the next seasonal item on my To Do list: buying my ungrateful sister-in-law a Christmas present that she will hate.

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