Nails: Carebears – Is your Caring Meter on a raincloud yet?

I must confess that I wasn’t ever really into the Carebears at all – it is hard to get over the fact they were created purely to sell greetings cards and then made very scary soft toys out of them.

But given ‘girlie’ TV shows like Rainbow Brite led to better nail art than Thundercats I thought that Carebears might make a really good mani…

If by good I meant easy to reproduce accurately then these nails fit the bill, if I meant really nice to look at then these aren’t bad either – although perhaps a bit sameish:

carebears blue

(Photo from inspiritoo – but this doesn’t look to be the original source)

This next mani has more colour and has different bears, although they do look a little overfed and liable to burst…

carebears fat faces

(Photo from nailnerd)

I really like this next one, as it has hints of everything and is really nicely done – although I am not entirely sure what one of the nails is, I am guessing it is the edge of a raincloud but it could also be some broccoli…

carebears small logos

(Photo from polishartaddict via a 3rd party)

The Care Bear Cousins were incredibly creepy – at least partly due to the ‘Robot Chicken’ version of them that I can’t bleach out of my brain…

robot chicken carebear

(Still from ‘Robot Chicken’)

However someone has managed to create something more wrong than ‘Robot Chicken’ and no this isn’t a complement.

carebears wrong

(Photo from nailsmag)

To sum up – so far more stereotypically girlie cartoons are doing better than the boy’s cartoons – but both can be made very very wrong!

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