TV: Revolution – somehow involving zombies

Perhaps it is because it is cold and dark but I am increasingly finding myself watching things where I spend too much time shouting at the TV.

For example, I am watching season 2 of ‘Revolution’ despite season one having clearly demonstrated that all the major characters were stupid, impulsive and tended to make things worse.


The highlight of season one was in episode 5 there was a five second burst of Five Finger Death Punch (‘Generation Dead’ as I recall) that was used to show that Neville’s neighbours before the blackout were rowdy and rude. I think this was meant to explain why Neville then became an overly intense person who seems perfectly happy to use then discard people and occasionally kill them.

In my life I like having a contingency plan – just in case. Sometimes this contingency plan is the best of a bad bunch; for example when watching anything involving zombies I am firmly of the opinion that the characters should hold back as many bullets as there are people they care about in their group for the simple reason that becoming a flesh-munching zombie through poor planning must be a massive mortal sin. Also because being ripped apart by zombies is icky and you shouldn’t let that happen to people you like.

Five Finger Death Punch

(Photo of Five Finger Death Punch from Loudwire)

I am open to expanding the term “zombies” to include radiation crazed mutants who are technically not dead (‘The Hills Have Eyes’), biological warfare victims who crave human flesh (‘The Crazies’), homicidal ghostly beings (‘The Fog’ – the 1980s original, there is no remake) and non-humanoid-shaped monsters (possibly from another dimension) that kill and/or eat humans (The Mist).

Some situations are harder to have a contingency plan for, such as the post-electrical blackout ruins of America where everyone seems to have devolved to being ruled by their most primitive instincts and are generally jolly unpleasant – for example season 2 of ‘Revolution’ and the interesting twist on how to take the edge off of diabetes-induced organ failure.

So whilst fighting for survival is commendable there comes a point where the bad guys are looking set to overwhelm you and even if you do escape them then your reward is to continue to scrabble in the dirt for survival.

zombie elvis (Photo from tatpix)

At which point having options is good, perhaps they should seriously consider moving to Hawaii.

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