TV: ‘Witches of East End’ – magical enough to balance out the zombies

For the last few weeks I’ve been watching ‘Witches of East End’, which is a TV show based on the books by Melissa De la Cruz, but I am not entirely sure why I am watching it.

It is on a fairly new channel which also shows ‘Dance Moms’ – I can’t even watch the trailer for that without hiding behind the sofa, and ‘The Client List’ – where Jennifer Love Hewitt becomes a whore whilst working in a massage parlour. Which makes for a very scary channel.

witches of east end poster

I’ve not read any of this series of books, but I have read some of De la Cruz’s Blueblood series, it was ok but the local library was erratic in stocking them which make it overly hard to really get stuck into the series.

The TV show isn’t bad and is actually very enjoyable in a lightweight sort of way, it isn’t as trashy as ‘Desperate Housewives’ and has a stronger moral conscience than ‘Revenge’.

Joanna Beauchamp is a witch with two daughters – Freya and Ingrid. However the girls are not aware of the existence of witchcraft, Joanne has kept it from them in this life but a series of events lets the cat out of the bag…literally!

witches of east end eye poster

I suspect that the main reason I am watching the show is it is nice to have light relief to counteract ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire’.

That and the characters are so much less annoying that ‘The Secret Circle’!


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