Knee – not fallen off yet, but tempted to cut it off

I have now seen four physiotherapist about my stupid runner’s knee (aka tracking problems of the patella femoral joint); two at the expensive private practise that I’ve been going to since July and two at the NHS referred place.

Up until the second visit to the NHS physio place there hadn’t been a great deal of varying opinion on the cause of the problem or the treatment. The two private chaps had recommended a series of stretches, the little woman I saw at the first NHS appointment hadn’t added to or disagreed with this but had expressed her preference was for concentrated massages of the leg generally.


(Photo from bthcc)

This was despite all of them identifying the VMO muscle group as being weak. VMO being short for Vastus Medialis, basically inside quad muscle.

Then I saw the other chap at the NHS centre, he certainly didn’t think massages or stretches would sort it. He favoured the building up other muscles to balance it out approach, something the private physio hadn’t been open to even when I had specifically asked.

I had started to get the impression that the private physio centre had stagnated in terms of what they were recommending and that it felt more like monitor now rather than striving for more improvement. So I was a little excited about having something else to do!

knee xray

(Photo from wadhurst-physio)

So I tried these exercises and developed a most fantastic pain on (in?) my median ligament – which is a bit pesky. Now I am not sure what to do and my physio, who seemed so super at the first appointment, is now being a bit wishy-washy; apparently I can massage the knee myself to take an edge off – because I wouldn’t have thought about that on my own!

My sibling found their visits to a physio unfulfilling and I am starting to understand this viewpoint. My knee seems to have plateaued and I don’t get the impression that any of these nice expensive people actually know what to do to fix it.

I may go back to random internet searches to see what those suggest doing! I might even include the word “knee” in some of those searches.

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