Book: Faith Hunter’s ‘Blood Cross’ – “I figured even the most jaded and cynical inhabitant might report a bloody girl in a party dress carrying a severed head by its hair.”

It probably would have been helpful to start with the first book in Faith Hunter’s Skinwalker (aka Jane Yellowrock) series, but the charity shop only had the second book.

Jane is a hunter and a skinwalker – the second part being a secret (mostly). Despite the Master of New Orleans being annoyed at her due to the events of the first book Jane is still hanging around the city and has been hired to track down (and kill) a rogue vamp who is creating bad and mad little vampires with the help of something decidedly witchy.

Blood Cross

Jane has a permanent beast inside her, imaginatively called Beast, who was rather chatty when it suited her. This was somewhere between interesting and annoying depending on how you feel about that sort of thing.

There are a couple of males to act as potential love interests who float through the book, as does Jane’s witch friend Molly and her two children. Also there were some nice Native American ladies who are helping Jane understand her people’s traditions.


There seems to be a lot of build-up and piecing together of various clues, but the actual end sequence is a bit of a blur and felt somewhat rushed – although it definitely built upon the groundwork laid earlier in the book.

‘Blood Cross’ wasn’t overly funny, action based, certainly not romantic, there was a tiny bit of Native American culture in there that did set the book apart – but it is only a tiny aspect of the book.

In short, the book was many things and was interesting but ultimately unfulfilling – it would help if the quote I used in the title even came from this book as oppose to the first one. It has survived my current purge but I suspect will fall victim to the next one.

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