TV: Hawaii Five-0 – A Toaster in Hawaii

I didn’t watch the original ‘Hawaii Five-0’ but I have seen a couple of episodes of ‘Magnum ,P.I.’ so I assume that it is pretty much the same thing – pretty locations, pretty girls and some mild peril.

Somehow I have seen a couple of the new series of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and it seems to be following the same vein as when the ‘A-Team’ was turned into a film – ok locations, strong female characters and over the top firepower.

hawaii five-0

(DVD box set cover, photo from Amazon)

I spent the first couple of episodes wondering how many bikini-clad women the show wanted to cram into the first couple of minutes, apparently more than I can count without pausing and I wasn’t that interested…

Once I moved on from that question I then tried to work out where I recognised Alex O’Loughlin from, it turns out that he was in ‘Moonlight’ as the lead vampire.


(Photo from Wiki)

Then I found a new distraction, waiting for Grace Park to reveal herself as a Cylon and possibly kill the rest of the cast. ‘Battlestar Galactica’ didn’t really address if Cylons (sometimes derogatorily referred to as Toasters or Skinjobs) liked sun, sea and surf, but so far it looks to have kept her evil robot tendencies under control so she can’t hate them.

After three episodes the Toaster uprising hasn’t come to pass and I am not inclined to watch any more just to see if that happens. It is a shame that the location wasn’t used more as that would probably have been worth watching.

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