Film: ‘Black Swan’ – “He always said you were such a frigid little girl”

I’ve wanted to see ‘Black Swan’ since my sibling raved about it, psychological horror is a genre I like and I adore Tchaikovsky’s  ‘Swan Lake’ – although it does depend which ending is used.

I prefer the ending where the prince tears off one of the evil wizard’s wings and beats him to death with it – giving Odette a truly happy ending.  The endings which see the lovers commit suicide don’t really work for me, if I want a tragedy I can always watch ‘Giselle’ and even that isn’t totally dark.

Black Swan

(Photo from The Guardian)

So on a rare solo evening in I curled up on the sofa and prepared to be dazzled.

I definitely saw some nice ballet, Natalie Portman lose it and Mila Kunis play the slightly slutty yet innocent character that she does so well. My sibling’s raving was understandable, however I wasn’t expecting to be reminded of ‘Showgirls’ so much.

This may sound an outrageous statement, but I can back it up: there is the jealous older dancer who has been forced out, the sleazy male character who treads a line somewhere between a father-figure and a lover, girl on girl sexual tension and the adversarial yet semi-supportive interactions between the dancers.


(Still from ‘Showgirls’)

Thankfully there isn’t a scene in a swimming pool, that would have been a bit creepy given for rather a lot of the film Natalie Portman’s facial expression doesn’t change … at all! I don’t like broken toes or fallen off toenails so I did have to fast forward some bits  and even during those her face remained unblemished by any pesky signs of humanity. The woman is a fantastic example of Uncanny Valley.

It was a good film, if rather weird in places – which I suppose is the point, and it could even be seen as a morality tale; don’t try to be perfect – or if you do then avoid sharp objects.

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2 thoughts on “Film: ‘Black Swan’ – “He always said you were such a frigid little girl”

  1. Oh man! I was ok with the toenails, but I was caught off guard by the chicken skin moment! Ugh… still gives me shivers… it is a really good film though 🙂

    Great post!

    • Yipes I had forgotten the chicken skin bit! That was something else!

      It was nicely creepy film and I think it continued to grow on me in the couple of days after watching it.

      I didn’t see the exact ending coming – which is always a good surprise!

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