Music: Amen – The Price of Reality is apparently lots of screaming

As part of the future-planned-house-move I am purging many things, the most recent has been some CDs that were on a high shelf. It transpires that I had a couple of Amen CDs, these seem to consist of raw noise overlaid with swearing and some name-checking to suggest a deeper sociopolitical meaning.

Musically I like noise and I like swearing, but generally it needs to have some sort of spark too.  Lyrics about politics and society have broadly worked for System of a Down but Amen lack the humour and wit of SOAD’s first two albums.

For example, the first album (imaginatively named ‘Amen’) was released in 1999 and demonstrates a vocalist whose idea of a song is a bit of ranting and a chorus of the same sentence repeated several times in increasingly anguished wails.

amen price of reality

(The cover of an Amen CD – which the local charity shop now have)

It isn’t that it is particularly bad really, it is just nothing special and I can’t recall the last time I actually bothered putting it on.

Amen’s second album, ‘We have come for your parents’ has a track called ‘Piss Virus’ and includes the lyrical refrain of “piss virus inside us, takes a nation of millions divided” – which is very nice but I have no damn idea what Casey Chaos is babbling so tunelessly about.

I have a vague feeling that I‘ve seen Amen live, but I don’t recall anything specific to prove this – unlike seeing Gwar live which left me traveling home on public transport whilst covered in fake blood from head to toe.

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