TV: Walking Dead – Two seasons down, lots of dead people

This is purely around the TV show, I haven’t read the comics yet. The following contains an exceedingly mild spoiler for season 2.

My sibling’s devotion to obtaining the comics despite being in Japan was what got me interested in the show, however it transpires that my sibling only watched season 1 and didn’t actually get on with it as it wasn’t close enough to the comics! Over the festive season I am going to inflict at least on episode of ‘Death Valley’ on them to see how that goes down.

Personally I felt that Season 1 was pretty good for setting the scene and introducing everyone – then killing a lot of them off.

walking dead poster

(Promo post for Season 3)

Rick seems too nice to be a leader in this new world, he is clinging to his morals and that is arguably making the group’s survival chances weaker. However by having morals and keeping the group civilised it makes them more likeable to the audience.

Apart from Lori, she is very hard to like even when she tries to do the right thing.

After the first episode of season 1 I shouted at the TV less as I came to terms with the fact that none of these people have ever seen a horror film and, as such, had a tendency to wander into stupid situations whilst hopelessly unprepared.

I don’t know what I expected from Season 2, but it didn’t involve them (mild SPOILER) camping out on a farm for the vast majority of the episodes.

The Boondock Saints

(Still from ‘The Boondock Saints’)

Logically I understand that exploring how people cope in the zombie situation and seeing how the survivors work together – or against each other, is necessary and for that you need a degree of stability (aka a base camp) but it started to get very dull.

I did find myself shouting at the TV again, “find your own damn farm” being a frequent utterance.

If it wasn’t for Daryl I would probably have stopped watching the show, his character w as the only one who demonstrated any believable ability to survive in a world where zombies were behind every corner. To be very honest, Norman Reedus is pretty watchable even if he didn’t bother acting, so him being able to take out zombies with a crossbow is a happy bonus.

Season 3 is on my watch list for over the festive period – legions of flesh eating zombies should probably block out the horror of the in-laws. I know the vague premise for this season and it sounds more fun than watching the survivors play Old McDonald.

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